Regardless of how big a corporation grows, it’s important to have the mindset that the main goal is to serve customers. Just take a company like Disney. Everyone’s heard about their amazing customer service. Customers share positive stories about the brand all the time, and employees are trained to “create happiness”.

But what exactly makes a company like Disney so great? It’s their relentless focus on the Customer Experience, which is a shared goal for every employee. Most businesses intuitively know this. And yet it’s incredibly difficult to maintain this customer focus as your business scales and grows. This is known as one of the basic paradoxes in business:

Most growth initiatives substantially damage your most sustainable source of profits, your loyal customers.

At first, you are so close to your customer and you have so few. Then the gap between the C-Suite and the customer slowly widens. Decisions are made on assumptions rather than facts, and Customer Satisfaction Score plummets. For example, according to Bain & Co, 80% of businesses believed they were delivering a superior Customer Experience, but only 8% of customers agreed. One day, you might turn around, and your customers feel alien to you. When was the last time you talked directly with a customer?

So how can we close that gap between the C-Suite and customer to make the success of our customers our own success?

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